It was inevitable. Rivals Execration and Blacklist International finally faced each other in MLBB’s MSC Championship 2021.

While Blacklist International breezed their way up to the upper bracket while Execration was booted down to the lower bracket.

Nevertheless, Execration fought their way back up and emerged as the victor in a best of seven battle for the MLBB MSC 2021 cup.

Game 1 was a close fight between the two teams  as they went throat to thoat, until Blacklist arrived at their power spikes in the ninth to tenth minute.

Game 2 was a different story as Execration executed a fast paced, burst-damage lineup that slowed down Blacklist’s attack to secure a win and finally giving Blacklist their first loss in the MSC 2021. Execration’s line up was Eudora, Kagura, Brody, Paquito and Mathilda

Game 3 Execration continued with their damage lineup as they swapped Brody and Esmeralda in. Losing all their towers, Execration nearly lost the game but rebounded with Benedetta and Esmeralda in the end game.

Game 4 With only 1 win left to secure the MSC Cup, Execration did everything to win the round despite Blacklist taking the Lord. However. Blacklist’s game plan was foiled when they were forced to engage in difficult situations.

Execration finally secured the coveted MSC 2021 Cup. Congrats Team Execration.